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I’ve been very impressed with Alibaba and especially this supplier! This was not the exact product I wanted, at first, but the sales guy “Andy” was so great that I decided to go with it and I’m very happy I did. I don’t think the guy sleeps. He was answering messages 24 hours a day. 😃 The product was twice as strong as I thought it was! Very well-made! The packaging was unbelievable! The wood on the crate was so nice, I thought about making Furniture out of it! lol they put a couple nails to get it started, but then they screwed everything which made it very easy to disassemble the crate! They thought of everything! hundred percent satisfied! If I had to complain about something, the hangers hang really low! It works great if you’re hanging something small, but if you need all the room than a shorter hanger works better. It wasn’t a big deal. I just cut the top and bent it so it hung higher. By the way, the hangers were very impressive also.

Reactie van leverancier:

Hi Stephen, I was so touched by your comment! I'm pretty sure this is the best "gift" I've received this month. It's been a pleasure working with you. And very efficient. You inspire me greatly. Makes me love this job even more I hope we can cooperate for a long time in the future. I will give you the best price, quality, and service. You will never be disappointed! !
23 May 2024
It really is a high quality product, very delicate finishes. I love this product. It's much more than what I bought.The design was made especially for me. I loved. The service, the response time was very fast. Definitely an excellent supplier.
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